• Software to manage your franchise

    Combining a range of effective management tools into one application that allows you to manage your franchise more efficiently than ever before

    • Communication
    • Compliance
    • Performance
    • Training
  • Communicate clearly with your franchise

    From a Brand Bank to a fully functional Communications Suite, Franchise Infinity has the tools to keep your franchises informed

    • Communication
    • Compliance
    • Performance
    • Training
  • Ensure all your franchises are compliant

    Set up Franchise Infinity your way to ensure all your franchises are fully compliant and on track

    • Communication
    • Compliance
    • Performance
    • Training
  • Measure the performance of your franchise system

    Customise Franchise Infinity to audit, measure and analyse the performance of your franchises

    • Communication
    • Compliance
    • Performance
    • Training
  • Manage the training of your franchise employees

    With Franchise Infinity’s Learning Management System, you can tailor your training to get the best out of your staff

    • Communication
    • Compliance
    • Performance
    • Training

Best practice franchise management

Addressing the franchisor's points of pain.

Cloud Based Software As A Service

Franchise Infinity is cloud subscription-based software that scales with you and offers a turnkey solution to best practice in operating a franchise system from day one. All this at a low monthly fee charged per franchisee.

Operational Focus

Our USP is a focused approach on driving operational efficiencies within your entire franchise network. This allows the system to manage compliance, risk management and control and you, the franchisor, to better manage positive relationships within your network. Less Cop, More Coach = Improved Performance

Franchising Points of Pain

Specifically developed to address franchising points of pain when managing a franchise network. The system manages the network at multiple levels with different levels of access and information for the Administrator, Operational Support Team, Franchise Owner and Franchise Team members.

Increased Productivity

Increase both your and your franchisee’s productivity by having all the information they require available at their fingertips all the time. No more time wasted addressing questions or requests regarding enquiries from franchisee’s or their staff on matters comprehensively covered through the Franchise Infinity franchise management system.

Audits & Checklists

Powerful self-audit tools to manage risk and compliance through easily managed checklists. All audits are bound to the Task Manager which manages time based events with auto escalations.

Comprehensive Analytics

Monitor and report on all operational Key Performance Areas within your network. Drill down into the Key Performance Indicators and export to Excel for enhanced reporting and data manipulation.

Operational Support

Access to the system by Franchise Support Team Members when conducting site visits. Allow individual support team members to conduct Audits, make unique Operational Support Notes and access Analytics to deliver information on individual franchise performance.

Version 2.5 Now Available - Workplace Health & Safety Optimised

Brand Bank

Maintain brand consistency and quality control by keeping all your brand guidelines and marketing material in one easily accessible place.


Set up and customise your analytics criteria to monitor and report on key performance areas and indicators.

Communications Suite

An internal bulletin board that you can email directly from, or just post a quick note.

Franchisee Recruitment Management

A place to keep your franchisee prospect information, including any contact details and detailed notes on the stages of recruitment.

Operational Support

Unique login that allows members from the National Support Office access to the system when conducting site visits.

Forum / Business Blog

An internal message board that can assist your franchisee to informally communicate.

Learning Management System

Reduce downtime by improving staff skill levels and consistency.

Task Manager

Tasks can be generated by the franchisee, system or support office to track and address areas that require action.

Document Vault

Keep all your business records that are for your eyes only in one secure, easily accessible place.

Compliance Audits

Keep any franchise audit information together, such as mystery shopper visits, health & safety audits or internal operations reviews.

Staff & Human Resources

Keep your operations manuals and staff training videos where your franchisees can readily access them.

Critical Document Repository

A place for all business documents that need to be actioned between yourself and your franchisees, such as franchise agreements and date-sensitive documents.

Let's get started!

By enabling your franchisees to access all the information they need to operate the way you want them to, Franchise Infinity reduces the need for you to spend precious time looking over shoulders.

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